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Since 1982, Dossett Dental has provided top quality dentistry at reasonable prices with excellent service. You will experience relief, ease, & well-being when you join our family of patients.

- Dr. K. Mike Dossett, D.D.S

Welcome to Dossett Dental Frisco!

Dossett Dental was founded as a single practice in 1982 by Dr. K. Mike Dossett. Over the course of the past three-plus decades, we have grown our services to a total of six locations, including our Frisco Dentist office.

We have had a lot of success, which is due directly to the emphasis we put on providing the highest quality dental care to our patients with every visit. Though Dr. Dossett no longer actively practices, he still oversees our office here in Frisco to ensure his vision for outstanding care is met in all of our daily practices. That vision has been established thanks to Dr. Dossett’s years of choosing to work with only those dentists who shared his belief in highly personalized dental care.

There’s no such thing as “one size fits all” in dentistry, and we have found great success by customizing all of our services to meet the needs of every patient who walks in the door.

Whether you are looking for dental treatment for yourself or are in need of a new, caring family dentist, you’ll find the Frisco Texas Dentist you need at Dossett Dental. Let our professionals give you the kind of service that will always have you leaving with a smile.

Why should I visit a Dossett Dental Frisco Dentist?

At Dossett Dental Frisco, we provide all our patients with outstanding care that comes with benefits you won’t find at most other dental practices, including:


Personalization We care deeply about understanding and meeting the individual needs of all of our patients. You’ll never feel like “just another patient” when you come to Dossett Dental!


Experience We have established our name in the community thanks to more than 30 years of high-quality service.


Patient Care We go above and beyond to make sure all of our patients are satisfied and comfortable with the care they receive, and make sure that all of the decisions you make about your dental care are backed by plenty of accurate information.

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If you are looking for more information about what makes Dossett Dental in Frisco the perfect location for your dental care, we encourage you to contact our team today or give us a call at 469-804-6446. We look forward to seeing you!

Dossett Dental is a BBB Accredited Dentist in Frisco, TX

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